Friday, 2 December 2011

The mother of all colds

Just when I think it's over, another bout of sickness invades our home. First it was the husband who spent a good three days holed up in bed. Then the baby fell ill with a hacking cough that turned into a fever and a permanently runny nose. Two weeks later I thought we had the all clear but no, my eldest succumbs too, with a cough that keeps her up all night and a hollowed, washed out complexion that could rival the Corpse Bride.

And what about me? Well except for a sore throat and a permanent sense of exhaustion, I seem to have escaped unscathed. However, I also suspect that, like most mothers, I have been far too busy to be ill. Anyway without donning my feminist cape again, I wanted to share my number one all-round remedy and aid for those dreaded winter bugs. This juice is delicious, wholesome and packed full of goodness. My husband and I are addicted to it, my daughter won't touch it (but we are trying to convert her) and the baby guzzles it down. Take my word for it- if you are feeling depleted- this is nectar.

Beetroot Power juice:

In a juicer juice:

3 large beetroots.
3 large sticks of celery
3 large carrots
2 apples
A thumb sized piece of ginger


(serves 2)

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